January 24, 2018
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South Dakota is often times labeled as the pheasant hunting capital of the world. With a three bird limit large groups often times reach their limit within a matter of two hours. We plant hundreds of acres to food plots and leave lots of standing cover for nesting and also hunting. Year round predator control in our pheasant hunting locations has produced booming results in the population.

We currently have nine well trained dogs that hunt with us. You will enjoy watching Champ, Sage, Teal, Mandy, Snoop, Mud, Magnum, Lady, and Honker work the cover in anticipation of the next rooster flushing in front of the group.

We can handle groups anywhere from six to twenty people. We can cater to just about anyone. The thrill a hunter gets when a rooster flushes at their feet is exciting enough, but the atmosphere of a group hunt is a great socializing experience. Bring your son, daughter, father, friend, relative, coworker, or employees out to share the experience with you.

2013 prices: 325 dollars per person per day.

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Grouse/Prairie Chicken

Hunting in the wide open Grasslands or the rugged Badlands of South Dakota is a breathtaking experience. Sharp-tail Grouse and Prairie Chickens are two different types of native birds to the area. Although it sometimes requires walking long distances, the thrill of a flushing a covey of grouse that get up all at once is worth it. It is fun to hunt the country grouse like to call home just because of the other animals and scenery you will encounter.

Grouse/Prairie Chicken hunts can legally begin at sunrise. That makes for a great combination with a pheasant hunt that do not begin until 12:00 (10:00 after daylight savings time). There is a three bird limit on grouse/prairie chicken. The season opens up in Mid-September and is a great way to get some wing shooting in early.

2013 prices: 325 dollars per person per day

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Predator Hunting

World class western coyote hunts are a great off season hunt. You can bring your own calls, or our guides can call for you. Electric calls are legal in South Dakota, and we like to use a combination of a Fox Pro electric call along with mouth calls. Expect to see anywhere from 3-15 coyotes per day.

In January 2010 we had a group of six clients hunting with three guides that saw a total of 122 coyotes in three days. This is an unusually high number of coyotes to see, but it does happen. Hunters can usually expect to have opportunity to shoot at 3-5 coyotes per day and up to as many as 20 coyotes in a single day.

We typically begin our coyote hunts in early December and run through the end of February. Late January is the beginning of the coyote breeding season and is generally the best time to come. During this time the coyotes are ‘paired up’ and are very territorial. We do a lot of howling trying to get them to pick a fight with us. It is hard to beat the thrill of a coyote sprinting straight at you looking for a fight.

2013 prices: 300 dollars per person per day

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Merriam, Eastern, Rio Turkey

Turkey hunts are offered in three states including South Dakota, Kansas, and Nebraska. The beauty of being able to hunt these three states is the flexibility of being able to hunt three seasons from late March untill the end of May as well as being able to hunt three of the four main sub-species of turkeys.

We hunt our turkeys a little differently than the way you see them advertised on the Outdoor Channel. We use Dave Smith Decoys and intense scouting to hunt shoot the majority of our turkeys at 5 yards. This spring we filmed 50 successful turkey hunts.

We intend to work with hunters on pricing specific hunt packages in situations where guys want to hunt a combination of the species in any number of the three states. We are flexible and can accomidate large groups as well as individual needs.

2013 hunt prices: 1250 dollars for a three day hunt

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July 6, 2011
Spring for Miller Mathews Outfitters means two things, sheds and turkeys. This year we seemed to find plenty of both. Teaming up with Kyle Metzger of Newcastle, Nebraska, and Trent Siegle or Dwight, Kansas was another awesome season. We set out to film a short highlight video of how we hunt turkeys and ended [...]