December 16, 2017
Spring Coyote Hunt with Randy Anderson

Spring Coyote Hunt with Randy Anderson

Walking out the door into 70 degree temperatures and green grass to do a spring coyote hunt felt a little strange on April 20th. Clayton Miller and Dave Tatum accompanied famed Randy Anderson to film the last portion of Randy Anderson’s Calling All Coyotes 7 video.  This time of year our objective was to crowd in on breeding pairs and hope to push some territorial buttons.

The first stand produced a single male responding after about a 30 minute secession of Dave performing a combination of interogation howls and the trio of us doing a serenade.  For those of you who follow Randy’s videos he is famed for being accompanied by his mounted coyote decoy named “Febe” who we had perched on the hill top behind us. To make a long story short a perfect 275 yards shot was blown due to a rifle not being sighted in. Seems like there is always something that doesn’t go quite right.

After making some adjustments to the rifle the team went about the rest of the day with limited success through the afternoon.  Towards evening the final two stands proved to be much more productive. After 35 minutes of calling Clayton spotted a coyote coming about a half mile away. The coyote disappeared into a deep draw and after 15 minutes we were beginning to question weather or not he was going to come in at all.  About the time we were going to quite Dave spotted the coyote peaking his head around a yucca plant.  We tried everything to get the coyote to come over the hill, but eventually gave up and decided to try a little Miller Mathews spot and stalk tactics to see if we could get this old male. With Randy right behind Clayton with the camera they skirted the edge of the hill to see if they could get a crack.  Once they peaked around the edge there was about a 2.5 second opportunity to get the camera and rifle on the coyote at the same time.  To our surprise there were two coyotes and Clayton quickly picked out the male of the group and shot him right before he crested the hill.  The female dissapeared before a second round could be fired.

With limited daylight we hustled to our final stand of the day.  Walking about 3/4 of a mile down a long ridge we began to call into a huge drainage system.  Calling until we were starting to run low on camera light Clayton stood up to go back and get the pickup for the group.  After taking about 4 steps he spotted a coyote sneaking around the corner towards old “Febe”.  Quickly sitting back down it took about 10 seconds for the young male to slip around the corner for a 300 yards shot.  Dave howled to stop the coyote and Clayton made the shot.   The footage turned out pretty good and the group was at least slightly satisfied that we had got it done this late in the season.

Day two found Dave feeling a little under the weather.  Randy and Clayton went out and made three stands before Randy had to go home to move some of his excavating equipment and Clayton had to film a turkey hunt with some college friends in Vermillion.  The first stand we called in a pair that held up at 450 yards.  We called for about 20 minutes until the pair decided to take off.  Randy howled to stop the dogs and Clayton launched on right over the males back.  As we were laughing and packing up to do the next stand Clayton spotted a third coyote come sprinting in from the other direction hot on the trail of the other two coyotes.  Randy stopped him on the same hilltop as the other pair and again Clayton skipped a bullet right over his back.  Now we knew exactly why the other two coyotes didn’t want to come all the way into us.  More than likely the third coyote was standing right behind us and the pair wasn’t looking for a fight as bad as they thought.

The second stand of the day we walked in on a pair laying down sunning themselves on the side of a hill 700 yards away.  We didn’t expect much, but we tried calling to them anyway.  They were definitely curious and stayed around for 20 minutes.  We gave up on any other coyotes coming in and decided to take a shot.  Randy ranged the male at 645 yards.  After doing some quick mental math to figure out exactly how high to compensate for bullet drop Clayton touched off the shot.  The coyote reared up and began nipping at his chest.  The bullet had grazed the front of this chest.  We could see that his front legs were blood soaked, but he never slowed down until he got into the drainage below us.  We looked from him for an hour to no avail.  Coyotes are tough and we assumed that he will make it through just fine.

The final stand proved to be a frustrating one.  We spent about 10 minutes trying to decided how to setup with the wind.  After setting up the wind immediately switched.  With our wind blowing staight towards the pickup we decided to try it anyway and see how it went.  15 minutes later Clayton spotted a pair sitting by a gate.  One of them was looking at us and the other was looking at our pickup.  They did come in to about 300 yards, but Randy was not able to get the camera on the coyotes at the same time that Clayton had them in his scope. Once the second coyote spotted the truck the game was over.

This time of year we have found that coyote vocalization is the only way to go. Interrogation howls, limited male challenge howls, pup distress, and serenades made up the vast majority of our calling techniques. We saw a lot of coyotes and just had a hard time making everything fall together when you add another element of the camera into the equation. Now we are all looking forward to our October 15 date next fall when we plan to get after them again.

Happy Hunting,

Clayton Miller

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  2. Lenny says:

    Well Clayton, I should not have read that. It got me too fired up again about those coyotes. What firestick were you using, that 6.5 284???? I would really have to fine tune my 22 250. Also read about you and girlfriends turkey hunt. It never goes that easy for me, congrats to her. I think I am a jinx. Lenny

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