December 16, 2017
Becca’s Turkey Hunt

Becca’s Turkey Hunt

4:30 AM found Clayton Miller and his girlfriend Becca Gregoire nestled up underneath of a cedar tree on the Missouri River waiting for a Spring Gobbler to come strutting into the scene.  They were accompainied by cameramen Dustin Lutt and Kyle Metzger of Dusty Image to try and capture the moment of Becca’s first turkey hunting experience.  We have been lugging the camera around a lot this year and it seems like every time we do that the birds just won’t cooperate with us.

We started using the new DSD decoys this year and have been having tremendous success with them.  The breeding pair has pulled in a lot of toms up close and personal for us this year. They don’t like watching the young Jake stand over one of their hens. The hunt itself really didn’t last very long on this trip.  The birds were roosted in the trees about 100 yards behind us.  After hearing them gobble at every little random noise in the woods we knew they were fired up.  We heard a few of the birds fly down and it was less than 2 minutes when we had the first hen come running into the spread.  She did some yelping around and made her way back into the trees shortly after stepping out.  Less than 45 seconds later Becca’s Tom came strutting into the picture.  The bird headed strait for the Jake decoy and put on quite a show for us.  I knew there were more turkeys coming, but I could tell that Becca was getting so excited that I gave her the go ahead to shoot. She made a great shot and all of the hunting footage came together really well.

As we were walking up to her bird Dusty and I were talking to each other about how we thought the tom had something like an 8 inch beard. Once Becca grabbed a hold of her trophy we quickly realized that it was much bigger than we thought.  Becca’s bird weighed in at 23 pounds and boasted an 11 inch beard.  I don’t know if she realizes how good of a turkey that is, but for our area primarily dominated by Merriam’s that is an exceptional specimen.

The main reason we did this video was for Dusty’s final class project. He had to put together a short clip and he chose to do it on Becca’s hunt with Clayton as her guide. This meant that after we got home that I had to sit down with him and come up with a short script to help put together some interviews. I have a new found respect for people that are able to sit down in front of a camera with blinding lights in your face and be able to put words together in a way that really captures the experience. I think it took me 20 minutes just to say “Hi my name is Clayton Miller from Miller Mathews Outfitters” without stuttering or falling off of my stool. Eventually I got used to the spotlight and we rolled through the project. We started at 9:00 PM and wrapped up the clip at 7:00 AM.

Overall I feel like our efforts really encompassed the overall experience of what we try to do here at Miller Mathews Outfitters. It is amazing how much effort we have into a 5 minute video. Becca is still smiling from ear to ear and even though Dusty is still criticizing his own editing like he always does I think he is plenty confident that he will get an A for his final project. I would like to thank Dusty, Becca, and especially Kyle for helping to do all of the little things to made all of this come together. You can expect to see all of these guys in more videos coming soon.

Happy Hunting,

Clayton Miller

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