December 16, 2017
2010 Shed Hunting

2010 Shed Hunting

Several feet of snow postponed our annual shed hunting for 2010 until Easter weekend.  We started out the weekend with regular archery mule deer client Mike Lutt coming out to help me for a day.  Little did we know that we were both about to have the best day of shed hunting either of us had ever had.

We loaded up the four wheeler and headed up north to the Bad River where I knew there had been a large number of deer frequenting a winter wheat field. It took us about 20 minutes to find the first horn, and after that we could hardly keep up.  Like two four-years-olds on an Easter egg hunt we found 70 whitetail and mule deer sheds all on a square mile field.  We spent the remainder of the day skirting the edges of the field and walking the river bottoms looking for the remaining horns.  We came out with a total of 104 horns and 3 skulls.  25 matched sets proved that there were some pretty nice deer that made it through.  One mule deer set that scored in the low 180′s and a couple of 150 inch sets of whitetail sheds were the main highlights of the day.  We also had an encounter with two separate bobcats that came loping along between us while we walked the river bottom.

Day Two proved to be equally successful.  Dave Tatum, Steve Tatum, my girlfriend Becca Gregoire, and I hunted a field north of town that we knew held some really old bucks.  We had a pleasant surprise of finding several high 170 mule deer horns that day.  Steve brought home a couple of his college buddies and between us all we managed 150 total. I also stumbled upon a set of horns belonging to “The Long Main Beam Buck”. This whitetail is a buck we had footage of from the summer of 2009 as well as a couple of encounters.  You can see the buck in velvet at the end of the short clip on the homepage sporting 24 inch main beams. Steve’s buddy Jon Able found a dead 145 inch whitetail as well as a 160 inch mule deer to wrap up the main losses for the day.  Its no fun to find those type of deer dead. They definitely won’t get any bigger now.

Day Three and Four ended up not yielding as high of a number of horns, but we still picked up a pile.  A total of 140 horns between the two days.  We all took a pretty good break on Easter Sunday even though all of us were dreaming about giant antlers while we ate our Easter feasts. We ended up finding a very heavy dead mule deer that we had a history with as well on Sunday afternoon.  Another find that we hoped to find as a set of sheds rather than on the skull.

With the recent rain and some very welcomed sunshine the last couple of weeks the grass is going to take off and our shed season will be over for the most part.  We hope to get out a couple of more days between now and then.  In the meanwhile we are preparing for turkey season.  We put a large flock of Merriams to bed on the Missouri River last night and hope to do so again so that we can be on top of them Saturday morning. If all goes well we will have several birds down by the end of the weekend.

Happy Hunting,

Clayton Miller

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6 Responses to “2010 Shed Hunting”

  1. Doug Miller says:

    HEY, CLAYTON! Great website. Hope you blasted lots of turkeys. Have a great hunting year…and see you in June.

  2. I’ll definitely be looking for part two. This was so thought provoking.

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